International Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry

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Volume - 4 Issue - 11


Postharvest Processing and its Effects on Kolanut Quality in Southwestern Nigeria
Mokwunye, F.C. and Oluyole, K.A.

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Livelihood Diversification among Male and Female Rural Farmers in Esan West Local Government Area, Edo State
Idiake-Ochei, O. and J.I Okoh

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Radial and Among-Family Variations of Tracheid Length and the Relationships with Bending Properties in Pinus patula
Felix Kamala, Edward Missanjo

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Effect of Planting Space and Fertilizer Rate on Productivity of Desho Grass (Pennisetum Pedicellatum) in Jinka Agricultural Research Center, Southern Ethiopia
Worku B., Denbela H., T/yohanis B.

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Some Biological Aspects of Rhopalosiphum Maidis (Fitch) Reared on Five Corn Hybrids under Laboratory Conditions
Salman A. M. A., Abd El-Aleem S. S. Desoky, Saadia A. Abd-El-Samea, Mohamed A. M. Youssef

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Impacts of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Pollution on Fish Fauna of Oluasiri River, Bayelsa State
Woke, G.N. and Benson, T.A.

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Evaluation of improved Tef (Eragrostis tef L.) varieties in konso area, Southern Ethiopia
Melese Lema, Tariku Simion, Selamawit Markos

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