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Volume - 4 Issue - 4


Evaluation of Some Sorghum Genotypes for the Susceptibility to Sorghum Head Bug Eurystylus Sp (Hemiptera; Miridae) in the Blue Nile State, Sudan
Eisa Y. A., Ali E. A., Abubaker A. A.

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Oil Palm Plantation Development: An Emerging Threat to Biodiversity Conservation in Oban Division of Cross River National Park, Nigeria
Ikyaagba, E .T., Jimoh, S.O, Dagba, B. I, Tee, T. N., Ancha, P. U. Tume, C

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Assessment of Forest Cover Conditions and Canopy Density using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in Parts of Jharkhand State
Jai Kumar, Paras Talwar, A. P. Krishna

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Whole Sale Cuts and Sensory Evaluation of Meat of West African Dwarf Goats Fed Some Browse Species
Oguche.G.H.E, Ocheja J.O Musa A.O, Alpha E.O, Ode C.O Super Script , Oyibo, A

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Biochemical Profiling of the Values of Dry Season Feed Resources in Pastoralcattle Environment in Nigeria
I. H. Kubkomawa, M. A. Ogundu, I. C. Okoli and A. B. I. Udedibie

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