International Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry

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Volume - 4 Issue - 9


Clinical Significance of the Persistence of Pathogens in Pig (Sus Scrofa) Manure Used as Biofertilizer and Food
Oscar Betancur, Jesus Betancourt, Julian Estrada and Francisco Javier Henao

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The Efficacy of Participatory Action Research on Capacity of Local Farmers Organisations to Promote Fish Farming in Malawi
Dalo Njera, Charity Chonde, Daimon Kambewa, Dennis Kayambazinthu, Emmanuel Kaunda, Andrew Kanzunguze, Edward Missanjo

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Global Warming Potentials of Lowland Paddy Rice Production in Kwara State of Nigeria: Lessons for Sustainable Agriculture
Sadiq, M. S, Singh, I.P, Yakubu, G.M

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Effects of Water Soluble Fractions from Parts of Balanitesaegyptiaca (Desert Date) on Growth and Survival of Clariasgariepinus (Burchell, 1822) Juveniles in a Static Culture System
Elisha, D.S., Ladu, B.M.B., Joshua, D.Z., Isa, U.

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Performance Evaluation of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Varieties in Lowland Area of South Omo Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia
Tadese Mesera and Misgana Mitiku

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