International Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry

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Volume - 5 Issue - 12


Modeling the Morphogenetic and Ontogenetic Changes in Essential Oil Composition of Hypericum Perforatum
Cuneyt Cirak, Mehmet Serhat Odabas, Alessandra Bertoli

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Serum Metabolites and Haematological Reference of Broiler Birds Fed Varying Levels of Bakery waste Meal Based Diets
Ahaotu, E.O, Abiola, M.O And Oko, E.C

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Amending Christmas Island Rock Phosphate with Mixture of Sugarcane and Soybean Bagasse Compost to Improve Soil Phosphorous Availability and Phosphorus Uptake in Maize (Zea mays L.) Cultivated in Tropics
Huck Ywih Ch'ng, Nur Liyana Binti Norodin and Suhaimi Bin Othman

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Effects of Dried Edible Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale) Apple on the Performance and Economics of Production of Grower Dutch Rabbits
Ahaotu, E.O, Ihekoronye, B, Onyekwere, M.U and Lawal, M

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Characterization of Agro forestry Practices and their Socioeconomic Role in Selected Districts of Gurage Zone, Ethiopia
Wondwossen Gebretsadik, Zewde Weldemariam, Tesfaye Humnessa, Habtamnesh Adane

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