International Journal of Research in Agriculture and Forestry

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Volume - 5 Issue - 3


Reinvention of Agricultural Technology
Ganesh Das

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Studies to Determine the Degree of Erosion of Slopes of Soils in upper Shirvan and Measures of their Effective use in the Example of the Shamakhi District
Professor., academician Gsh. Mammadov Prof. Rtea ZH.Aliyev

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Assessment on Spatial Distribution and Their Management Options against Wheat Rust (Puccinia Spp) Diseases Species in Selected Administrative Zones of Southern Ethiopia
Getachew Gudero Mengesha and Biruk Kedir Mohammed

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On Efficiency of Application of Irrigation Systems with Low Intensity at Azerbaijan's Slot Land
Prof. academician. G.Sh.Mamedov, Prof. RANS.Aliyev 3.H

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